The filing of a timely proof of claim against a debtor is just the first step for a creditor seeking payment on account of his or her claim. The bar date passed on June 29, 2018, and the Commonwealth and the other Title III Debtors have begun the process of reviewing the thousands of proofs of claim that have been filed and deciding which claims to challenge by filing objections.

The Debtors may object to claims on substantive grounds—for example, because they disagree with the legal grounds for the asserted claim. However, they may also challenge claims on non-substantive grounds, such as because a claim is duplicative of one already filed, because the claim was subsequently amended, or because the claim was filed after the bar date.

Omnibus Objections

In November 2018, the Title III Debtors obtained the court’s permission to challenge claims on the non-substantive grounds set forth in Bankruptcy Rule 3007 by filing omnibus claims objections. Subsequently, in June 2019, the Debtors obtained the court’s permission to use omnibus claims objections to challenge claims on certain substantive grounds. Creditors whose claims are challenged by means of an omnibus claims objection will receive notice and will be entitled to file responses and have their responses heard by the court. If you are served with an omnibus claims objection, we recommend you consult an attorney to assist you. Click here learn more about omnibus objections.

The Committee’s Role

The Committee has consistently advocated for a claims process that is as convenient as possible for unsecured creditors. For example, as a result of the Committee’s efforts, (a) the court extended the deadline to file claims by a month, thereby allowing tens of thousands of creditors to file their proofs of claim, (b) creditors were allowed to file proofs of claim and attached documentation in Spanish, (c) multiple locations were established throughout the island for creditors to hand deliver proofs of claim, and (d) the Debtors arranged for radio announcements to advise creditors of the bar date. Prior to the claims bar date, the Committee also organized information sessions in various locations throughout Puerto Rico regarding the claims filing process.

Where to Get More Information About Your Claim

If you would like to view your filed proof of claim, please visit the website of Prime Clerk, the Debtors’ claims agent, at You can also call Prime Clerk at 844-822-9231 for more information. Prime Clerk is the entity that manages the claims register in the Title III cases.

Have a question for the Committee? You can submit an inquiry here or give us a call at 212-318-6391.